Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015: A Time of Change

Today’s blog has nothing to do with engineering, it is all about transition.  It is a time of transition here at Sinclair Pratt Cameron, as I say goodbye to two partners and welcome in four new partners.  It is amazing to me how time has passed by since the inception of this company. It was almost 30 years ago that Dan Cameron, Dave Pratt, and I ventured out in the formation of a new company.  I say goodbye to two wonderful partners, but I do not have to say goodbye to their friendship; that will continue on into the future.  I welcome in the partnership of Chris Sterne, Marla Godwin, Shawn Maslaney, and Kevin Rainey.  They have been valuable employees and now they put on ownership hats.  It is a time of transition and a time of excitement.  I myself am looking forward to a very exciting 2015.

- Carter Sinclair

Left to right: Chris Sterne, Marla Godwin, Kevin Rainey, Shawn Maslaney, Carter Sinclair.