Friday, December 5, 2014

Ocean Breeze Waterpark: Hugh Mongus

I am sure most people have heard the expression “the belly of the beast”. That is exactly where I was many years ago in my encounter with Hugh Mongus the Gorilla and Wild Water Rapids. I had designed a steel backbone for the first Hugh Mongus, who was consumed in a fire set by an arsonist. The second time around, Mike Gelardi of ESG Companies wanted a more anatomically correct gorilla. He contacted a sculptor out of Richmond to shape the new Mr. Mongus. The new Hugh Mongus was designed around a steel frame with a system of reinforcing steel attached to the steel frame. It was one of the first three dimensional models I had done and there were no straight lines or ninety degree angles. The skeleton was welded together and before the foam was sprayed on I walked through the belly of the beast. The sculptor shaped Hugh. The paint was applied and Hugh Mongus was erected into his current position welcoming all to the water park. One result of my design was impressing my children and their friends. I could have designed the framework for the Empire State Building, but that would have paled in comparison to being inside Hugh Mongus. I answered many a question about if it was true that I was actually inside the gorilla. At least for my children that was quite a design to add to my portfolio.

-Carter Sinclair

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Virginia Beach, Va : Structural Engineering Firm Sinclair Pratt Cameron, PC works with JRML Associates on Local Project

Local Project: Sinclair Pratt Cameron, PC & JRML Associates

The client originally had a balcony that was inset within the structure.

The Design:
The design closes off the existing balcony to create a new interior second floor space. A new balcony extends 14 feet off the rear of the structure.

It uses a multitude of exposed materials such as wood, steel, & concrete. The exposed 12 inch diameter columns are constructed out of concrete, with steel columns protruding out of the top of the concrete column. The 2nd floor of the balcony is constructed of exposed perimeter steel beams, while the roof is constructed out of exposed wood : 


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